Monday, April 27, 2009

I always have trouble falling asleep Sunday nights. Sundays are my special days. Sleep as late as I want. Be lazy. And then get some cleaning or project or creative outlet done. But then I cannot sleep. And then, I am tired every Monday. It is 3am, and I am smoking a cigarette at my computer (don't tell my roomie) while my girlfriend sleeps. I am watching a special on Psychics and such on The History channel, which I am quickly realizing is the same special I saw like two hours ago. This is an any Sunday kind of thing for me. It wasn't so bad when I was working at noon on Mondays, except for the fact I hate working at noon, because it meant I was getting off at 9pm. The positive: it makes me appreciate the days I get off at 6pm so much more. It is nice actually having an evening, not to mention I am way more productive those days for some reason (even my new 6pm Mondays, in spite of my lack of sleep.
I was thinking today, about the fact it is basically Summer now. I mean, we don't have much of a Spring here in Orlando. I guess that means I am supposed to do Summer things now, like the springs, and the beach or what have you. And I like those things a lot. But, I really like my anti-social Sundays, too. Sometimes I wonder if I should not put more effort into spending time around people during the day on weekends or something. It is just. . . that's MY time. Often, I do share that time with Kelly, and that is awesome. And, it is not like I don't see my friends. It is just that I see them at my "social" times, like when I go to a show, or go sit on a stool and have a couple drinks somewhere. I feel like I neglect some important people in my life by adhering to this sort of social-schedule. Maybe I should work on that. I dunno.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thoughts on blogging

Alright, so I was thinking today about my blog, and my other blog ( and such. I felt like I wanted to add something to my blog to make it unique. Other than my distaste for people who don't know the difference between then and than, or making fun of weirdos on myspace, I don't have too much unique that I want to say. I am still going to keep this particular blog for my own little thoughts and such, but I decided I want to try something new, blog-wise: I am lucky to have a lot of talented friends, be it musicians, graphic designers, tattoo artists, or what have you. I'd like to see if I can interview them, and make our interviews blog entries. Hopefully some of you will be willing to let me interview you! ha. Anyways, that one is HERE.