Monday, April 27, 2009

I always have trouble falling asleep Sunday nights. Sundays are my special days. Sleep as late as I want. Be lazy. And then get some cleaning or project or creative outlet done. But then I cannot sleep. And then, I am tired every Monday. It is 3am, and I am smoking a cigarette at my computer (don't tell my roomie) while my girlfriend sleeps. I am watching a special on Psychics and such on The History channel, which I am quickly realizing is the same special I saw like two hours ago. This is an any Sunday kind of thing for me. It wasn't so bad when I was working at noon on Mondays, except for the fact I hate working at noon, because it meant I was getting off at 9pm. The positive: it makes me appreciate the days I get off at 6pm so much more. It is nice actually having an evening, not to mention I am way more productive those days for some reason (even my new 6pm Mondays, in spite of my lack of sleep.
I was thinking today, about the fact it is basically Summer now. I mean, we don't have much of a Spring here in Orlando. I guess that means I am supposed to do Summer things now, like the springs, and the beach or what have you. And I like those things a lot. But, I really like my anti-social Sundays, too. Sometimes I wonder if I should not put more effort into spending time around people during the day on weekends or something. It is just. . . that's MY time. Often, I do share that time with Kelly, and that is awesome. And, it is not like I don't see my friends. It is just that I see them at my "social" times, like when I go to a show, or go sit on a stool and have a couple drinks somewhere. I feel like I neglect some important people in my life by adhering to this sort of social-schedule. Maybe I should work on that. I dunno.


  1. dude i'm the same way, after a long week of work, i want nothing more than to hole myself in my house and not come out. i think the older we get, and the more responsibilities we acquire, the more we value our own free time. friends may see this as being anti-social, but usually they are the ones are have nothing going for them, and are just mad cause they don't have anyone to drink with.

  2. Well, it isn't that I am anti-social overall. I go out a couple nights a week still. But, it's like my only real social time is a couple nights, and I generally just go do whatever I feel like doing and if someone is there, cool. But then on Sundays or Saturdays I usually just want to sit around and do nothing, and I feel like that mindset somewhat inhibits my social interactions. Maybe I would do different things on those nights which I do go out if I knew or when I know of specific plans. I dunno, I guess what I am meaning is to say is this was not an attempt to paint myself as an old man who doesn't go out or care to anymore. . . I guess I was analyzing how my social patterns affect certain interpersonal relationships in my life?
    Thanks for actually reading this. haha