Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Adopt my cat

I can no longer keep him. He needs an outdoor home.
He has not been neutered, and he sprays. Due to "physical complications" I don't care to explain in my blog, it would be an invasive (and pricey) surgery to neuter him. When I adopted him, it was thought he was already neutered, but according to the vet, he is not. He has annihilated my apartment, and urinated on everything in site. I'm no longer willing to keep him and allow him to further ruin my belongings and my apartment. Not to mention how much it will already cost me when I move out because of this. I'm hoping maybe if I find him a place now, I can maybe get my carpets semi-clean by the time my lease ends.
I am a big time cat person and have had cats almost all my life. I'm not into giving this guy up, but sooner or later everyone has to know when to fold the hand they have been dealt. My time is now. I cannot live like this.
He needs to be kept outside. If you happen to have the extra $450 around to have his surgery done, I am sure he'd be ok as an indoor cat in a home he hasn't already, "marked."

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