Saturday, May 9, 2009


Just a joke, right? Well. I never planned to see him. Now, I outright refuse, after seeing this on an email flyer for his show at The Social:
"MC Chris has appeared and worked behind the scenes and contributed his unique voice and original lyrics to Adult Swim on Aqua Teen Hunger Force as MC Pee Pants and on Sealab 2021 as well as The Brak Show & Space Ghost: Coast to Coastand he still has time to manage a heavy touring schedule while re-releasing his fifth album."

Well. Where the f do I start?

First off. MC Chris IS a joke. If it were not for that joke, he would be nowhere. What the F is he thinking allowing that BS "band bio" go public? What reject writer from comedy central wrote that?
"yeah, that's a tight band bio. oh wait. . . you forgot Space Ghost. Add that crap in, too. You know, for cred n crap."

My favorite parts?
"he still has time to manage a heavy touring schedule. . ."
Yeah no crap. He does fucking voices on cartoons. Something tells me I could manage a "heavy touring schedule" in his shoes, too.

"while re-releasing his fifth album."

What was wrong with the first release?

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