Thursday, May 7, 2009

My job

My job is an odd one.
One of my students is about to get evicted. I felt really proud of the way my boss really pulled some strings to, "help" this kid, and get him into school even though he was ill-prepared, and really just slacking.
In his thanks to my boss, the kid has:
-Applied to all of 5 jobs in the past month plus.
-Failing one of 3 classes.
-Refuses to accept responsibility for either.
-Stated he didn't know when rent was due.

My response to the last one?
"Life lesson. Rent is due on the first. Always."

Geez. Now, this kid will probably drop out, and have nothing to show for it but some debt. Not because of us, but because he was unmotivated to find a part-time job at a burger joint, or any one of the many places he could have been hired.

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